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The office will reopen fully during the summer. Orders of 2020 and 2021 Ways, and the books listed in the Coronavirus Update, will be processed promptly. Others may still take a few days longer than usual

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Diego Laínez and Juan Polanco The First Biographies of St Ignatius Loyola, translated and edited by Joseph A. Munitiz SJ

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While St Ignatius was still alive, his companions must have questioned him about his previous life and one of them, his devoted secretary Juan Polanco, saw the urgent need to have an account in writing. He urged Diego Laínez, then busy at the Council of Trent, to write one and Laínez, despite all his duties at the Council, obliged in 1547, sending quite a long letter. On receiving this, Polanco himself added in the following year a supplementary account. Both texts were known to Pedro de Ribadeneira when, after the death of Ignatius in 1556, he was asked to compose the official biography (first in Latin, 1586, and then in Spanish, 1605). However, no English translation of these key texts has been available. Their interest is twofold: they reveal the picture that the early companions had of Ignatius, and incidentally reveal the personalities of two foundational characters in the history of the Jesuits.
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ISBN 978 1 904717 51 8

Peter Edmonds SJ Stories and Portraits: The Way Companion to the Synoptic Gospels

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Why do we have more than one Gospel? Wouldn’t it have been better to have a single ‘authorised life’ of Jesus of Nazareth, offering all the facts and only the facts? In recent years biblical scholars have become more aware of the value of multiple accounts. Each evangelist approaches Jesus from a different direction, bringing both his own questions and those of his community. In reading his Gospel, we, too, are invited to bring our own questions and presuppositions to bear on the text. We make friends of each of the evangelists.
Peter Edmonds SJ has taught scripture for many years, in Europe and in Africa. In this accessible work, he considers the three ‘synoptic’ Gospels, Matthew, Mark and Luke, describing the distinctive voice of each evangelist and offering a deeper appreciation of the stories they tell and the portraits they fashion. The book will be an invaluable resource for teachers, preachers, catechists, retreat givers and retreatants, and for all who want to come to know the Jesus of the Gospels better.

Price: £12.00

ISBN 978 1 904717 49 6

The Way Companion to the Sunday Missal

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This brief, informative and accessible guide provides commentary and background on the passages of scripture that are read out in every Roman Catholic church in the world on Sundays. It has been described as ‘an answer to a preacher’s prayer’, and is invaluable to those writing homilies and sermons, but it will also repay meditative reading by anyone preparing for the Sunday celebration of the Eucharist. The text, first published in 2002, has been fully revised and updated by Fr Edmonds for this new Way Books edition.

The book is scholarly but simply written at the same time. From a mass of biblical research material the author has the ability to select insights that are especially important to people today. Gerry Arbuckle SM

Price: £10.00

ISBN 978 0 904717 44 5

Coronavirus Update

I would like to apologise for the erratic state of book orders over the last year. I know some of you are still waiting patiently for books, and I am grateful for your understanding. Complete reopening has been delayed once again because the office is now moving; until then I shall continue to have 2020 and 2021 issues of The Way, plus the books listed below, for immediate despatch. Other orders will take a bit longer but should be processed within a week or so.

Peter Edmonds SJ, Stories and Portraits: The Way Companion to the Synoptic Gospels

Peter Edmonds SJ, The Way Companion to the Sunday Missal

Diego Laínez and Juan Polanco, The First Biographies of St Ignatius Loyola, translated and edited by Joseph A. Munitiz SJ

Michael Ivens SJ, An Approach to Saint Ignatius of Loyola

Brian O’Leary SJ, Sent into the Lord’s Vineyard: Explorations in the Jesuit Constitutions

Brian O’Leary SJ, Pierre Favre and Discernment

Patrick Purnell, SJ, The Passion, Death and Resurrection of Jesus Christ, Son of God

Patrick Purnell SJ, Imagine

Patrick Purnell SJ, The Book of Furrows

Pedro de Ribadeneira, Treatise on the Governance of St Ignatius of Loyola, translated by Joseph A. Munitiz SJ

Benjamín González Buelta SJ, Psalms to Accompany the Spiritual Exercises of St Ignatius Loyola, translated by Damian Howard SJ

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