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Psalmic Odes from Apostolic Times, translated by Francis Acharya OCSD, edited by Bernard Kilroy

These exquisite Psalmic Odes from the second century AD—lost until 1909—were familiar only to Syriac scholars until Cistercian Abbot Francis Acharya made these English translations and commentaries for the general reader’s meditation. Immersed in the same daily poetic theology of southern India’s Malankara liturgical office, Fr Francis’ passion before he died was to disseminate the Odes as the personal or communal prayer they had been. His version was mentored by international scholar Sebastian Brock, who also checked this edition for publication by researcher Bernard Kilroy. The attractive hardback presentation offers the Odes as spiritual resource rather than academic text, enhanced by nine new pictorial illuminations by the distinguished artist-theologian Jyoti Sahi.

‘This is the first translation … by a monk who was using it in his mountain hermitage for his lectio divina—his daily meditative reading.’ Baselios Cardinal Cleemis

Price: £15.00

ISBN 978 93 86516 55 8

Way Books

Magdalen Lawler SND, Well of Living Water

An outcast in her own community, and unwelcome in that of Jesus, the Samaritan woman could not have imagined what would happen as she made her daily solitary trip to the well: an ordinary journey turned extraordinary, a meeting with Jesus Christ and the offer of Living Water.

The conversation that takes place between the two (John 4:1–42) is the longest dialogue with Jesus in the Gospels. It is also remarkable as an exemplar of Jesus’ consistent and committed engagement with women.

In Well of Living Water, Magdalen Lawler SND combines Ignatian spirituality and art history in a detailed and prayerful response to the iconic depiction of this encounter, bringing the reader to sit at the well with Jesus and witness the inspiring dialogue that takes place there. With a step-by-step reconstruction of the gospel scene, an Ignatian prayer guide and detailed reproductions of the icon of the Woman at the Well, currently in the care of the Jesuits, Well of Living Water is itself a wellspring of spirituality for those looking to start a dialogue of their own.

Price: £10.00

ISBN 978 0 904717 53 2

Michael Campbell-Johnston SJ, Just Faith: A Jesuit Striving for Social Justice

'Since you suggested it, you go and do it.' With these memorable words Fr Pedro Arrupe, the remarkable Father General of the Jesuits, launched Michael Campbell-Johnston SJ, who sadly died in October 2023, on his lifelong mission of faith and justice. Throughout his more than forty years of active ministry, much of it with and alongside refugees and the poor, he wrote an annual letter to his friends. Full of personal anecdotes and vignettes, they vividly illustrate a period of considerable change for the Roman Catholic Church and for the wider society that it serves.

This extraordinary memoir, based on these annual letters, bears witness to a life lived in the midst of social and ecclesiastical turmoil. It portrays someone serious of purpose but also an inveterate traveller, keen to discover and understand new places and people, and capable of creating a rapport with those from all stations in life, from gang leaders in El Salvador to prime ministers and presidents. But it also shows a man who spoke truth to power, whether confronting the military during the civil war in El Salvador or preaching on social justice in front of Tony Blair.

It offers a remarkable first-hand insight into many key moments in twentieth-century history, and will motivate and inspire those convinced of the power of the gospel to transform our world.

Price: £10.00

ISBN 978 0 904717 36 5

Robert R. Marsh SJ Imagination, Discernment and Spiritual Direction

Rob Marsh SJ has been a leading light in the ministry of the Spiritual Exercises over the past few decades. His subtle insights have not only been a mainstay of training courses for spiritual directors, but have enlightened the lives of many others who have come into contact with his work. This collection of essays brings together some of his most insightful writings to explain how the techniques of spiritual conversation, discernment and direction can be used to bring people into an encounter with God. Written with humour, accessibility and cultural awareness, the essays outline a much needed world view in which the personhood of God takes its rightful place in our awareness. All those who wish to develop the skill of discernment, especially Spiritual Directors and those who have made the Spiritual Exercises of Ignatius of Loyola, will find in this book a treasure trove of spiritual insight.
Philip Harrison SJ

From the Foreword

The essays gathered here all, in their different ways, issue an invitation: to stand still, and vulnerable, in that place where the work of the Spirit of God can be recognised and a response given.
Paul Nicholson SJ

Price: £10.00

ISBN 978 0 904717 52 5

Works for the Spirit: A Ninetieth Birthday Tribute to Rory Geoghegan SJ

The work of Fr Rory Geoghegan SJ is known and loved by many. His sculptures are especially familiar to those visiting St Beuno’s Jesuit Spirituality Centre in north Wales, and can often become an important focus for prayer and contemplation on retreat. Much of his work draws direct inspiration from scripture and the Spiritual Exercises of St Ignatius, while some pieces reflect prayerful and challenging times in his own life. As Rory himself says: ‘my sculptures are all about God’s love for us’.

This new volume, compiled in honour of Rory’s ninetieth birthday, takes us on a chronological tour of his work across some sixty years. The earliest pieces demonstrate the influence of Eric Gill and Henry Moore, as well as a period in Zimbabwe when Rory was a young Jesuit. Other sculptures respond to specific events, including the oil boom of the 1970s, the terrorist attacks of 9/11, and the Boxing Day tsunami of 2004, as well as the flight and plight of so many refugees. There are also special commissions on themes suggested by retreatants, or on episodes within the life of St Ignatius and other saints.

More than fifty of Rory’s sculptures have been photographed for this collection. The images are enhanced by his own comments and reflections, with related passages from scripture and the Spiritual Exercises, and poems written by three fellow Jesuits (Gerard Manley Hopkins, Patrick Purnell and Brian McClorry).

This book lends itself to quiet prayer and reflection, as well as simple enjoyment of the photographs. As Rory invites us: ‘Spend time with my sculptures. Wander around them in your imagination and explore all sides of them. Make your time with them a time of discovery and personal enquiry.’

‘Fr Rory’s work has drawn me to pray at several points on retreat … the pieces often seem to capture the reaction I’ve felt at different points within my Christian life, challenging me to something new.’ (St Beuno’s retreatant)

Price: £20.00

ISBN 978 1 7881 2318 1

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