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We collect and hold some personal information about several groups of people: Way subscribers and former subscribers, bookshop customers, authors, employees of suppliers and other businesses, people who have asked for a sample copy or enquired about The Way and people who have asked to join our mailing list. This information consists of contact details, records of any purchases or sample copy requests and, if you have supplied it, some individual data about age and occupation.

We use the contact information to keep in touch, in particular to keep you informed about new journal issues and book publications (we make sure that these communications are infrequent). The other personal details are used to help us understand who our readers are and what their interests are likely to be, which enables us to make better decisions about what and how we publish. We never retain any financial information; online purchases are handled entirely through the secure services provided by PayPal and LibertyPay. The information that we do retain is held and processed by The Way in accordance with all applicable data protection laws.

We will not supply your data to any third party except where this is a necessary part of something you have asked us to do—for example we share subscriber data with our distributors, and occasionally send books directly from another publisher—or where we are legally required to do so. We are careful to ensure that such third parties treat your data with as much care as we would ourselves and also comply with the relevant law.

All information is stored securely, in our own offices at Campion Hall, Oxford. Information about subscribers and ex-subscribers is also held by our distributors (their privacy policy can be found here), and contact details for bookshop customers and current subscribers are held on our website in order to allow them to log into bookshop and online subscription accounts: the site uses SSL and is securely hosted by All data is held on UK servers. E-mail sent to us is archived in accounts provided by Oxford University and the British Province of Jesuits. Only the Assistant Editor and the Administration Assistant have regular access to the computers and files containing personal data, though they may be made available to the Editor and Editorial Board (for example in order to contact an author).

Unfortunately, the storage of data and their transmission across the internet can never be completely secure and so, although we use our best efforts to protect them while they are in our charge, we cannot absolutely ensure or guarantee that loss, misuse or alteration of data will not occur. For this reason we urge those making purchases never to send financial information by e-mail.

We keep data for as long as we need it for the purposes described above, based on our experience of how long details typically remain relevant. This may include holding the information that you have removed yourself from a mailing list or do not wish to be contacted in order to make sure that those preferences continue to be respected.

You have a legal right to obtain information from us, including a copy of the data that we hold on you. Should you have any queries concerning this right, please contact the Assistant Editor at The Way, Campion Hall, Brewer Street, Oxford OX1 1QS, UK;; (01865) 286117. We will comply as soon as possible with requests for removal from our mailing list. We will also completely remove all data about you if you wish.

We also adhere to the more general Privacy Policy of the British Province of Jesuits, of which we form a part. For more information about your rights under the Data Protection Act go to the website of the Information Commissioner’s Office at

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