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Our next issue will be this year's Special Issue, April 2021. It focuses on Ignatius and the First Companions and will include articles by Matthew B. Pinson on insiders and outsiders and the Spiritual Exercises, Gabriel Roblero on the Exercises and emotional manipulation, Gail Paxman on the ingredients in Ignatius' recipe, Joseph A. Munitiz on the vocation of Jerónimo Nadal and on the Mendoza Case, Timothy M. Gallagher on discernment and prudence, Kevin Leidich on the grace of poverty, Hedwig Lewis on the first brothers of the Society of Jesus, James Hanvey and John Zupez on the Universal Apostolic Preferences of the Society, Tim McEvoy on Ignatius and the night sky, Carlos Dominguez on the psychological traits of Ignatius and Mark Rotsaert on the letters of Pierre Favre.

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